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One primary key to maintaining a positive and healthy outlook on any situation is regularly exercising and staying physically active. Avenir Hospice Care provides physical therapy to any patient that requires or would like it within their last six months. While some may consider physical therapy to be a waste of effort for someone who is only going to last no longer than six months, the truth is that physical therapy has another purpose altogether.

How Physical Therapy Helps You

As a hospice care provider, our mission is to ensure that patients get the best care and have a comfortable last six months. With physical therapy, we keep the patient’s body active and in motion to combat symptoms from affecting your last days. Physical therapy can help with pain management and lower dependence on medications. Additionally, physical exercise and activity can help improve movement and mobility, making it easier for patients to maneuver without assistance. On top of all of that, physical therapy helps improve balance and decrease the chances of falling.

Overall, physical therapy assists patients with general movement and pain. When you take advantage of our therapy service, you choose to do everything you can to make your final months as happy as you can be. With reduced pain and symptoms to deal with, you can enjoy things that the pain was preventing before.

Our physicians and physical therapists work together and review your condition to form a therapy schedule that accommodates you. We devise a plan that is perfect for your circumstances and works to provide all the support you need. With an entire team working for your betterment, you’ll begin to feel better and ready to support your own body.

In addition to physical therapy, we also offer services that fit all of our patients’ needs. For example, Avenir Hospice Care offers counseling for your family and loved ones to help them through this difficult time. We also provide all medical equipment and medication. This way, you don’t have to worry about anything and enjoy your remaining time. Call Avenir Hospice Care now at (832) 766-0929 to learn more about our physical therapy, and let’s reach a better tomorrow, today.