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Avenir Hospice Care focuses our services to manage our patients’ pain and symptoms. To maintain that management, we provide the highest quality medical supplies for all of your aches and discomforts. Our staff is certified to provide all medical supplies that you need in addition to the expertise to use them effectively. Whether you require prescribed medication or walking devices, Avenir Hospice Care has got you covered.

When we take you on as a new patient, we take note of all the medical supplies you need to operate day-to-day comfortably. From there, we determine the best supplies for you, consider any allergies and preferences you may have, and we bring you those supplies promptly. Regardless of how far into your illness, we provide everything you need to stay relaxed and stress-free. With our expert team of nurses, physicians, and hospice aides, we ensure that the supplies necessary for a cozy living is available to you at all times. Our services can get to you the same day. We can also reach you as early as four hours if you require urgent care.

Medical Supplies and Equipment for Your Comfort

Avenir Hospice Care finds the most excellent medical equipment for every use. Whoever is taking care of you, you can rest assured that they’ll provide equipment such as geriatric recliners, overbed tables, oxygen tanks, shower chairs, wheelchair, nebulizers, and much more. Our goal is to achieve comfort despite your illness’s symptoms. We provide this equipment to give our patients a sense of ease. This way, they don’t have to worry about the cost of these tools.

Our medical supplies serve to ease your pain and symptoms. We offer supplies like bandages, gloves, briefs, pads, oxygen tubing, personal care products, adult wet wipes, wedges and cushions, and so much more. Quality medical supplies and equipment allow patients to make any location comfy and efficient. Our phone service is available 24/7 for questions and urgent assistance. Call us now at (832) 766-0929 for more information on our medical supplies. Whatever terminal disease ails you, make sure that you get the best care for your final days. Contact Avenir Hospice Care today.