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When searching for the best Houston Texas hospice services, you need a provider that focuses on quality care. That’s where Avenir Hospice Care, LLC comes into the picture. Facing a life-limiting terminal illness alone can be terrifying, so we make your last six or fewer months the best they can be. Our hospice team consists of nurses, physicians, social workers, hospice aides, and volunteers. We provide emotional support to our patients and their families in addition to medical supplies and equipment.

Your personal care matters to us, and that’s why we devote our efforts to continuous care for as long as you need it. When inpatient care is not an option, home care becomes the next best thing, if not better. With in-home hospice care, you get the comfort and familiarity of your own home and the care of hospital staff. So no matter what disease you’re facing, face it with us because we’ve got your back. Call us today to find out what makes our Houston Texas hospice services the best in the state.

Our offices are open from Monday through Friday and are available to anyone interested in hospice care for themselves or a loved one. Even if you can’t reach our offices, we also provide a 24/7 phone service, so you can talk to us whenever necessary.

Houston Texas Hospice Services

Houston Texas hospice services for you

We Bring You the Best Houston Texas Hospice Services

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC dedicates its time and attention to providing the best service for all of our patients and their families. Our team of expert nurses and physicians are highly-experienced and trained to care for all of your medical needs and preferences. When you book your free appointment with us, we send out a certified nurse to meet with you at any desired location within Houston.

You read that right; we send a nurse, not a sales representative. When it comes to a terminal illness and caring for someone in pain, you need a professional explain your options to you. Other hospice organizations typically provide a salesperson who’s a sole concern is getting you to sign on with them. However, these representatives can’t accurately answer your specific medical questions. With a registered nurse, you get all of your medical concerns addressed and assurance that you’re in the right hands.

Waiting until you have little time left only means that you’ll have months of pain and suffering to endure. Once you get your diagnosis, your time becomes precious. Make sure you use your remaining time for comfort. Our services go from general hospice care and branches out to social services, bereavement services, and palliative care.

Houston Texas Hospice Services You Can Count On

Our mission is primarily to provide the most care and support we can to terminally ill seniors. To ensure that we do all in our power to assist you, we offer the most relevant services for your pain management. From assisted living to spiritual consultation, we provide everything we can so you can live out your days without pain.

In-Home Aides

Between our nurses, volunteers, and hospice aides, Avenir Hospice Care, LLC provides everything you need to stay comfortable. Our in-home hospice aides and volunteers offer assistance in day-to-day activities and chores that may be too painful for you to do. They also provide overall companionship and an ear to bend about anything you want to discuss.

An essential part of comfortable living is to be familiar with your surroundings. Having care within your home instead of a hospital means that you spend your time in a safe environment. We also offer forms of music therapy for patients that request it. Music has shown a correlation to drastically improving moods and generates a positive outlook on life in general. Avenir Hospice Care, LLC also offers pet care for patients who live alone with a pet. We’ll send someone over to care for your pet and keep it fed and safe.

Houston TX Hospice Services

Our team is here to provide the best in-home hospice care in Houston

Palliative Care

Doctors don’t always diagnose fatal illnesses and diseases as incurable. A proper medical plan can combat diseases such as cancer at the early stages. However, even while fighting these non-terminal illnesses, the pain you feel from them is still real. That’s why Avenir Hospice Care, LLC offers palliative care for patients who have a fighting chance at remission. Between physical therapy, emotional support, and other aggressive therapies, we do everything we can to help you beat back the symptoms of your illness.

Unlike regular hospice care, palliative care is available to anyone with severe disease at any stage of the illness. Your team of physical therapists, physicians, nurses, and aides do everything they can to provide a healthy, safe, and comfortable environment for you to fight your disease off. When you call us for palliative care, you take the first step to fighting for your life. So don’t wait and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have on your eligibility for palliative care.

Spiritual Counseling

For more spiritual guidance and religious support, we offer chaplain services as well. Everyone finds inner peace differently, and for many, that comes from religious scripture or recitation. Listening to a minister, rabbi, or imam recites a verse from your respective holy texts can provide meaningful reassurance for the patient.

Bereavement Services

While we focus on hospice care for patients, eventually, that service expires. When it does, we turn our attention to your family and aiding them; however, we can. Our social workers and grief counselors assist with funeral arrangements, wills, and emotional support. We know that the effect your death has on your family can be challenging to confront and move beyond. With our help, we can get you or your family through this troubling time.

Houston Texas Hospice Services

Find the support you need today, with Avenir Hospice Care, LLC

Contact Us Today to Book a Consultation

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC is here to provide the best hospice and palliative care in all of Houston. We employ only the best and most caring nurses, physicians, and aides so that you or your loved one can benefit. Call our 24/7 phone service at (832) 766-0929 or find us online for any additional questions. Contact us and find out today how we provide the best Houston Texas hospice services.

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