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If you’re currently online searching for Houston Texas Does Hospice Provide 24 Hour Care; you’re probably in need of 24/7 hospice care services. If this is true, and you just received the unfortunate news of a loved one looking for 24-hour hospice care, you should definitely check out the services offered at Avenir Hospice Care, LLC. When faced with terminal illnesses, patients and their families have to go through experiences that will change their perspectives on life in general. We help process the loss of a loved one by providing quality end-of-life care and support. Above all, the goal here is to help terminally ill patients by providing quality assisted living services.

If someone close to you is suffering from a terminal condition, the process of facing this harsh reality can be very difficult and stressing. Regular activities paying bills, going to work, or even coming home can all become a true hassle. Avenir Hospice Care’s team commends your strength and would like to help. Our hospice team is comprised of professional nurses that can manage pain and increase comfort. We want you to know that you don’t have to be alone when taking care of a loved one suffering from a disease. Our team of professional nurses and living assistants help with the limited number of days these patients have.

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We offer physical, emotional, and spiritual support

The social workers and services we offer are also great for these difficult times. Our social workers are here to aid you, and they can do so by offering information and a deep understanding of your situation. We believe that emotional and spiritual support is very important when it comes to dealing with terminal diseases. The goal here is to make your situation better, and we’ll do whatever it takes to accomplish this goal.

Houston Texas Does Hospice Provide 24 Hour Care?

Our Houston, Texas 24 hospice care services are but a call away. By contacting us today, you’ll take the first step in getting through these difficult times. The idea of coming to terms with such unfortunate situations is difficult even to understand. As such, we offer spiritual counseling for those who desire it. We’re also able to provide chaplain services for patients who find comfort in the word of God. Our chaplain can come to your home or designated location to find comfort in verses from the Bible.

With that being said, your last few months don’t have to be completely full of grief. You can reflect on what you’ve accomplished, reminisce about good times, and simply live day-to-day. While in your declining state, our medical supplies and services will help ease the pain and symptoms. The supplies we offer include things such as briefs, pads, oxygen tubes, personal care products, and other types of helpful supplies.

Our team of professional nurses will determine which items you need, and we’ll provide you those supplies when you need them. Additionally, our expert hospice team is comprised of physicians, aides, nurses, and other professionals working on getting you as comfortable as possible. Our professionals are great when it comes to finding the right solutions for your hospice care needs.

Houston Texas Does Hospice Provide 24 Hour Care

Houston Texas Does Hospice Provide 24 Hour Care

End-of-Life Services

Because of the troubles that accompany the last few months of a patient’s life. We are able to bring services in as little as four hours. Even more, we are able to provide medication that assists with breathing, anxiety, or anything that improves comfort. Furthermore, our team is also able to provide pet care services for patients who can’t care for their furry friends anymore. Pets such as dogs and cats provide emotional and physical support, too, and as such, we understand how special it is that they remain in a patient’s life. Therefore, we’re here for them as well.

If you don’t require a living assistant for periods, our 24/7 phone support is here for you at any time. The nursing team is available around the clock and can help a patient receive the care they need when they need it. The staff here is made up of professionals who constantly work towards keeping our patients as comfortable as possible. The hospice medical doctor oversees all aspects of care and delegates certain duties to each member of the team.

Our registered nurse care manager looks into all aspects of our care services. This person is also adept at speaking with families to explain the situation. And if there are any payment arrangements that need to be completed, our social workers can deal with that accordingly. In addition, our chaplain services are great for patients who have religious necessities. Our bereavement counselors are great at helping patients with coming to terms with his or her death.

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Great Nurses, Great Service

As you can see, all the chains in our available services focus on caring for the patient and the family. People who are close to the patient are also affected in these sorts of situations. As such, when you come to us, we’ll make sure to take into account everyone close to you. Remember, we only wish to help our patients, that is our sole business mission. So we do everything we can to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible as we aim in helping you come to terms with your loved one inevitable passing.

In addition to our experience and great dedication, we also take great pride in our consistent and rigorous commitment to excellence. Thanks to this commitment, we are able to help people in all types of scenarios. Even more, we always strive to provide the best type of hospice care services possible. When you choose Avenir Hospice Care, you’re betting on true quality, great dedication, and a consistent aim for excellence.

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If you’re ready to receive top-rated hospice care services, make sure to reach out to us at your earliest convenience. You can contact Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, by calling (832) 766-0929. Moreover, you can visit us online to check out more information regarding the services that will help you avoid ever searching for Houston Texas Does Hospice Provide 24 Hour Care¬†again.

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