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Finding the right Houston Texas continuous care hospice provider can be tricky for many patients. That’s why Avenir Hospice Care, LLC is here. We provide the most excellent hospice care services and nurse aide in all of Houston. When inpatient care is not an option, routine home care becomes a necessity to manage your pain and symptoms. No matter what type of care you need, Avenir Hospice Care, LLC provides quality care for you and your loved ones.

Our medical director finds the hospice team perfect for our patients and their families, so you always get the best match for your condition. Our patient care plans consist of assisted living, quality of life improvement, a social worker to assist with sensitive matters, and much more. A life-limiting illness doesn’t mean that you have to live out your last six months in pain and alone.

With our respite care, you’re put into good hands that focus on providing the best experience for your final days. Our offices are available from Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. For patients who can’t make these times, we also have a 24/7 phone service for more information. Don’t wait until the clock is almost up, call us today for our Houston Texas continuous care hospice services.

Houston Texas Continuous Care

Houston Texas Continuous Care Hospice Provider

Houston Texas Continuous Care Hospice Providers You Can Rely On

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC provides hospice care to all patients that need it because we genuinely care about our elderly. Fatal illnesses can be scary when you tackle them alone. With our aid, you’ll face it in comfort and dignity, as we provide you with all the care you need. We provide nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals that specialize in end-of-life care.

That means that you can rest assured knowing that we’ll manage your pain and symptoms. When you book your free consultation with us, we send you a registered nurse to the appointment. While others send a salesperson, we provide a medical professional so that you can have all of your medical questions answered. A salesperson may be able to give you a vague idea of their services, but a nurse can get into detail regarding your care. This means that any questions directed at your specific condition can be addressed.

With our team of physicians, nurses, aides, volunteers, and social workers, we offer the best care anywhere in Houston. Our scheduling and services are all designed to maximize comfort and minimize pain and your other symptoms. Avenir Hospice Care, LLC covers everything you need to live out the rest of your days in happiness.

Hospice Services

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC brings you everything you need to remain stress-free and accompanied in your final days. With our general hospice care, palliative care, spiritual counseling, and grief counseling, we’ll ensure that you’re well taken care of for as long as you need us.

In-Home Hospice Care

Daily activities become incredibly challenging when your illness causes immense pain. To counter this, we offer hospices aides that care for you in your home. A part of being comfortable involves being in an environment that you know. Our in-home hospice care optimizes your convenience so you can relax and enjoy the things that put you at ease. From medication to walking assistance and other equipment, our aides are certified to handle all your needs.

Our hospice aides are companions that keep you company and help you with all of your day-to-day tasks. We help you with cleaning, cooking, grocery shopping, and even moving around. Our aides can also assist you in handling final writings and communications that you may wish to convey.

Many of our patients tend to have pets of some kind. When these pets have no one else to care for them, we can help there too. In these situations, we send someone to care for your pet until something long-term can be arranged. Until then, you rest easy knowing that we’ve got your pet covered. We also offer music therapy for patients that would find it useful.

Houston Texas Continuous Care Hospice

We provide palliative care to our most vulnerable members of society

Palliative Care

Our primary devotion at Avenir Hospice Care, LLC is to provide the best hospice care in Houston. However, we know that not everyone with a painful and fatal illness is terminal. In these cases, palliative care is an excellent way to combat your symptoms. Our physical therapists and nurses help you fight off your disease and extend your life far beyond the projected time.

Palliative care focuses on helping the patient heal in comfort and stays healthy. With this service, you give yourself a fighting chance against many deadly diseases. One significant advantage of palliative care is that it is available during any stage of your illness. This means that you don’t have to wait until you only have six months before coming to us.

With our physical therapy, emotional support, and other aggressive therapies, we provide the best way to recover from a fatal illness without giving up on yourself. Our nurses and physicians provide all the medication and information you need, while our physical therapists assist you in remaining physically active and healthy. By the end of our time together, you’ll feel better and stronger than when you first came to us.

Spiritual Counseling

Here at Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, we offer more than just physical support. Our chaplain services offer forms of spiritual guidance and religious support. Everyone comes to understand spiritual enlightenment differently. Whether you need a minister or an imam, we provide a chaplain for any of our patients.

Bereavement Services

After our services as end-of-life assistants end, our role as grief counselors begins. We offer grief counseling and social work services for families, such as wills, funeral arrangements, and emotional support. Your family grows and learns from the experience of losing a loved one with our help.

Houston Texas Continuous Care Hospice

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Avenir Hospice Care, LLC is dedicated to bringing you the best hospice services in Houston. With our help, you’ll manage any pain you’re feeling in your last six months and enjoy what you can before it’s time. Call our 24/7 phone service at (832) 766-0929, or find us online for additional information. Don’t wait, and find out what makes us the best Houston Texas continuous care hospice providers.

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