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Houston TX hospice end of life care isn’t a topic anyone is comfortable discussing. However, patients and their families need hospice care for their loved ones. We can’t imagine what it’s like to be in either’s shoes. Trying to deal with a fatal disease is painful and terrifying for anyone. Hence, our Houston Hospice care services have nurses for in-home support 24 hours a day and seven days a week. After all, trying to come to terms with someone close to you about to meet their end is heartbreaking. For some, it can warp their reality.

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC

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Therefore, our hospice services also extend to family and friends. After a loved one’s passing, we have social workers dedicated to the family. In fact, our social workers help with a multitude of issues you and your family experience. They can connect families to community resources, offer caregiving information, and even assist with funeral arrangements. At Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, we know the stages of the grieving process are essential to go through. In that regard, we don’t leave any member related to a loved one’s death alone. We’re there for you even after the end of the line.

While your loved one is still alive, we ease their comfort. Our nurses can come to their home and maximize their comfort. One of the ways they offer comfortability is through medical supplies. We use medical equipment such as oxygen tanks, shower chairs, nebulizers, and more. By having quality medicinal supplies, we’re able to keep any of our patients comfortable or ease their pain. We do our best to make an unfortunate situation better. Symptom management is necessary to stabilize your loved one’s condition. Our services can even get to you the same day, reaching you as early as four hours.

How We Improve Quality of Life

The great thing about hospice care is our around the clock service for you or a loved one’s home. You’ll have a companion to help you out through the tough time. No one wants to be alone when they are facing their last moments. We offer an assistant that helps with general living. Therefore, you’re able to receive assistance if you live alone. Houston TX hospice end of life care doesn’t have to be a downward hill of depression. Optimism can help you live out the rest of your days in peace.

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC

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If you require free consultation, don’t hesitate to ask us. When dealing with hospice care, you need to consider variables for you or a loved one, such as medication and living conditions. The more information we have, the better. We provide emotional support to help you through these trying times. Hospice care also sends a sales representative to help you go over your options. We also send a professional nurse, so that they can answer any medical questions you may have about your care. Our nurses also help with music therapy, pain management, pet care, and more.

Physical therapy is also imperative to have. Exercise is still crucial for you or your loved one. By working your body, it can help with general movement and pain management. Therefore, during your six month period or less, you’ll be able to move around your house with little to no assistance. We want to ensure you get the best care possible. Physical therapy is an opportunity to help improve your physical health. Plus, exercise helps combat symptoms from and allow you to be more comfortable in your last days. Not to mention, you’ll feel more energized and want to do more.

Palliative Care Treatment

Houston TX hospice end of life care sometimes doesn’t have to be life-limiting. For instance, palliative care is for patients who still have a chance of being cured of their illness. Like hospice care, palliative care focuses on managing symptoms and pain but on a more rigorous level. These aggressive therapies help non-terminal cure patients. You’ll be able to live a longer and happier life with your family. However, even if you’re not terminal, your affliction can still cause considerable amounts of pain. Therefore, by acquiring your services, you’ll be able to get the proper care.

Houston TX Hospice

We don’t just support our patients; we support their whole family through this challenging time

Our services for palliative care include prescribed medication, evaluations, and physical activities. You’ll be getting the most pristine medical treatments our services can offer. Through our physical therapy, you can avoid extra costs such as hospital stays and other expenses. Palliative care can help families cope with a condition not necessarily life-threatening but hard to manage nonetheless. However, those in palliative care still have a chance to face death. This process helps all parties involve improve the patient’s and their family’s quality of life. If there is a chance, our therapy will ensure we explore it.

However, if a loved one is to meet their end, we help in the grieving process. After our social workers help with funeral arrangements, we help family and friends face the grieving process. Grief is a common response to death. The closer you were to that person, the more it hurts to see them go. Therefore, our bereavement programs are present to help in personal growth and understanding. We support the ones who are passing, but at the same time, we can’t neglect the people who are close to them. We do our best to accommodate everyone’s feelings toward the situation.

Houston TX Hospice End of Life Services

Facing the end can have quite an emotional toll on loved ones and close friends. During this grieving process, the patient can take it even harder to see how sad the people close to them are. Therefore, we’re here to help everyone involved in a loved one’s passing.

If you’d like more information about our hospice care, call (832) 766-0929. You and your family don’t have to carry this burden alone. Allow us to help you through this process. Visit our website to see how we can help. We can discuss your options at 140 Eldridge Road # A. Our hospice care facility is more than capable of aiding you. We’re the Houston TX hospice end of life practice that cares.

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