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Welcome to your Sugar Land TX hospice home care. Avenir Hopsice Care, LLC, is the care facility here for patients and their families. Hearing your loved one or yourself have a terminal illness devastating. Trying to grip onto your new reality is an unfortunate circumstance. Upon hearing this news, anxiety can build up, and the stress that comes along with it can be overwhelming. However, hospice care can help by easing some of the burdens off your shoulders. We also accept Medicare as a health care plan – something less to worry about.

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Avenir Hospice Care, LLC provides the best care for the most vulnerable patients

Our 24/7 service is here for immediate support when you need it. Our center is owned and operated by nurses. Therefore, you know you’re getting quality service when you choose us. We specialize in end-of-life care that helps our patients through thick and thin. We’re suggested by doctors who have done work in cancer, cardiac, live, renal, neurological, and other conditions. Trusting our services to aid you in your time of need is ideal. We have meals on wheels service, provide care for your pet if you live alone, and other features geared toward making you comfortable. Knowing you’re about to pass away is difficult in and of itself.

Having a companion who can be there for you even through the most troubled times make all the difference. Upon calling us, we provide an assistant capable of being by your side. We only expect the best from our staff. Seniors have given a lot in their life to be here today. We want to show we appreciate the road they paved for future generations. Thus, our staff treats your loved ones with respect. We do everything in our power to excel in the requirements you need from us. Sugar Land TX hospice home care is necessary.

We’re the Helping Hand You Need

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC is the hand you need when it comes to our services. We’re even capable of helping seniors who don’t necessarily have a life-threatening condition. Heart diseases, multiple sclerosis, and other conditions don’t have to be fatal. We provide palliative care capable of the same effect as hospice care. The critical difference is in our activities. For those in palliative care, exercises can be more rigorous. We want your body to get to a point where it can cope with your illness and possibly even recover.

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Even if you’re in hospice care, exercise, in general, helps you out tremendously. It reduces stress, increases mobility, allows you to feel less pain and other effects. Exercise has a positive impact on your body; we help you achieve. Endorphins are also chemicals released when your running or exercising. These chemicals help you feel as if you have more energy. Also, the euphoric feeling you get when exercising enables you to feel better and can help you be more positive. Your condition is essential to us. Therefore, we do everything in our power to make sure you feel comfortable while here.

In-home hospice aide is a lot more than just a task to us. It is a commitment we make with a person. The genuine connection we make with people makes all the difference. Can you imagine discovering you have something as serious as Leukemia and end up facing it alone? It’s one of the worst feelings you can get. However, Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, is with you until the end of the line. We want to make sure you are getting the care and attention you deserve. Coming to terms with your fate is a complicated process to the stomach, let alone go through by yourself.

Sugar Land TX Hospice Homecare is Your Friend

When it comes to features such as social work assistance, we got you covered. Our social workers help you with property, finance, paperwork, technical documents, and other tasks. We understand how crucial it is to have a friend by your side, primarily through your hard time. Therefore, we’re the friend you can rely on when you need help with anything. Hospice care is more than just attending to your physical needs. We’re here for your spiritual and mental needs. Allow us to be the light in a time where you can face the darkness.

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Don’t wait and get the best hospice care in Houston

After all, death is a significant reality to come to terms with in life. Knowing that you are reaching your end is a hard pill to swallow. However, it doesn’t have to be a depressing moment. Allow us to be that helping hand or shoulder; you need to stay on a positive path. It’s effortless to be dragged down by negativity. However, we have features developed to help you through such dark times. For instance, spiritual counseling involves your relationship with God. Our chaplain services center toward helping you out in prayer.

Any way we can make you feel more positive about your situation, we do it. The ones who take your death the hardest are close friends and family. Thus, our bereavement services involve helping your loved ones in the stages of grief they’ll eventually face. Knowing your loved one is going to pass away and then actually experiencing their passing are two very different things. While they are alive, there is a little part of you hoping they’ll make it through. However, when the opposite happens, that’s when you’ll come to finally realize that there will be a reality where they no longer exist in your life.

The Aftermath

The aftermath of such an event can be shocking. Without the right help, your loved one can experience even more pain even after your passing. Coping with death is essential too. Moving on to the future can sometimes take someone by their side, coaching them through.

That’s where we step in. Our bereavement services were made with the family in mind. Hence, you can somewhat breathe easy knowing Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, is on your side. Call us at (832) 766-0929 for more information. Visit our hospice care page for additional information. We’re always willing to give a helping hand. Search our name when looking for Sugar Land TX hospice home care.

Sugar Land TX Fun Facts

  • Part of the movie, “Sugar Land Express” took place in Sugar Land.
  • The city was the first community in the entire country to have the name “Community of Respect.”
  • There are more than 560 acres of developed parkland.
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