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Are you looking for “Pearland TX hospice near me?” Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, has a full team for those suffering from a terminal illness. Hospice is a significantly better option than nursing homes or assisted living centers. The several benefits of hospice outweigh the many other options. Patients and their families will find comfort in our hospice services.

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, is a nurse-owned and operated hospice business that is dedicated to the patients who are suffering from a terminal illness. Home health care is the best way to provide comfort to the patient, which is why we push it as much as possible.

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, is located in Sugar Land, Texas. This location makes us perfect for anyone in the surrounding areas. Cities like Bellaire, Missouri City, and Pearland, Texas, are perfectly located. Give us the opportunity to give the comfort your dying loved one needs.

We have a full team of nurses, social workers, and hospice aides for all of our patients and their families. We extend our services to those closest to the patient because they are greatly affected by the tragedy. Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, is happy to serve as many patients as possible. The more people who pass on comfortably, the better.

Hospice and Palliative Care

Pearland TX Hospice Near Me

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, provides support to family members of each patient.

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, provides numerous different services to patients. Even though we focus on giving comfort to those who need it, we also offer additional services. Hospice care focuses on providing as much comfort as possible for the patient. Comfort can be achieved through medication, equipment, or other various mediums. Regardless, our services can provide the comfort the patient needs.

Palliative care is not the same kind of care as hospice. Many people reverse the meaning of both, but they are different. Palliative care is for those who are still being treated. Palliative care patients have chronic diseases instead of terminal illnesses. This kind of care focuses on curing the person of their condition. In this care, the patient will undergo aggressive treatment options. Curing the patient is the biggest goal when it comes to palliative care.

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, provides both of these services to those who need them. There are specific criteria patients need to fit to receive these services. Hospice care has a list of core requirements for patients. You can find the eligibility requirements in the next section. The criteria may not fit your issues, which means you have many other options.

Requirements for Hospice Care

If you or a loved one is needing hospice care, then there are certain criteria that need to be met. The requirements that can be found below are established by the United States Centers for Medicare and Medicaid. The following criteria are not symptoms. Instead, they are guidelines hospice providers need to follow.


Pearland TX Hospice Near Me

Give Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, a call today for a free consultation.

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, is able to let you know if you fit the criteria with a free consultation. A nurse will attend the meeting so patients and their families can ask any medical questions they may have. We want to ensure families are making the right decision when coming to us. The more confident they are, the better.

  • The patient must be diagnosed with life-limiting disease and been given six months or less to live
  • The patient has been hospitalized many times in the last six months
  • Severe weight loss
  • Weak or fatigued
  • Daily activities become difficult
  • Recurring infections
  • Decline in cognitive function

Again, these requirements are the core criteria for hospice care. There are also disease-specific hospice criteria that could make you an applicable hospice receiver. Those who suffer from two or more chronic diseases such as cancer, dementia, strokes, heart disease, or liver disease. Of course, these are just a few diseases that could qualify you.

Benefits of Hospice

Hospice has many advantages over the alternatives. Hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living centers do not provide the kind of care terminally ill patients need. They also do not benefit the family as much as hospice care. Furthermore, the patient will feel even better in hospice care because of the environment they are experiencing.

The biggest benefit of hospice care is that it’s in the patient’s home. Hospitals and nursing homes do not have the most welcoming environments, which are why the home is the best place for patients to live out the rest of their life. Statistics show patients prefer to be treated in a familiar environment rather than one they do not recognize. A patient’s home is a great way to provide the best comfort possible.

Pearland Hospice care

The benefits of hospice care outweigh the alternative options.

Hospice is less of a financial burden, as well. Hospital bills and medical fees rack up very quickly. Hospice care provides better care and is easily manageable for families. Having the stress of a loved one should not be worsened by finances. Let hospice care loosen up the financial load and let families say goodbye to their loved ones.

Another great benefit of hospice is the care is personalized to the patient. Hospitals and nursing homes treat patients with broad treatments. Comfort is also not a priority when in those establishments. Hospice care is personalized to each patient. It ensures they are as comfortable as possible before they pass away. That comfort is the best possible thing we can achieve for someone who is passing away.

As you can see, hospice care has many different benefits for patients and their families. Of course, the few listed here are just a small fraction of what else it is able to provide.

Pearland TX Hospice Near Me

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, is the right kind of hospice care service you want. We provide numerous services for patients and their families. Give us a call today at (832) 766-0929 to schedule a free consultation. We would be happy to help you and your family take the next steps.

You may also visit our website to find more information on our services. Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, is dedicated to providing the best comfort for our patients. You no longer have to search “Pearland TX hospice near me.”

Fun Facts about Pearland

  • The city’s original name was “Mark Belt!”
  • Pearland ranked in the 15th-fastest-growing city in the U.S. in 2010!
  • The city was named after the pear trees that residents grew in the area!
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