How to Help Your Loved One in Isolation

How to Help Your Loved One in Isolation Sugar Land TX

Care for your loved one during this troubling time.

There are many residents that are feeling isolated due to the coronavirus. This can put them at risk for anxiety and depression during this time. However, there are ways that we can still reach out and help them through this stressful time. These are a few ways you can connect with your loved one in assisted living or hospice care.

Bring Groceries

To help protect your loved one from the illness, you can bring them groceries, although most grocery stores have “senior shopping hour” that won’t fully prevent residents from falling ill. Also, not everyone can get out to buy groceries. By bringing them groceries, you are making their time a little easier and showing them you care.

Call Them

You can be emotionally present in your loved one’s life by giving them a call. With these new social distancing rules in place, you can remind your loved ones that you care by calling them once a week or even once a day. You can share stories of what is happening at your home and hear how they are doing during this time. Another way to stay in touch is to do video chat if your loved one is more tech-savvy.

How to Help Your Loved One in Isolation Sugar Land TX

We can get through this together.

Bring Exercise Equipment

Being inside for long periods of time can make it difficult to keep up an exercise schedule. However, exercise is important to keep your body flexible and mobile. To keep your loved one active, drop off some small hand weights and exercise videos. Encourage them to continue building their strength and balance through exercise. You can even join them through video conferencing.

Bring Puzzles and Games

This is a great way to help keep your mind invigorated. To keep your loved one mentally active, drop off some puzzles, adult coloring books, and crosswords. These can be easily ordered through Amazon if you can’t find any of these things around the house. While Amazon deliveries may be delayed, most deliveries will arrive in a few days.

Contact Avenir Hospice Care Sugar Land TX

To make sure your loved one is receiving the help and care they need, contact us at (832) 766-0929. We can help you and your family through this difficult time and give you the guidance you need. Help alleviate your loved one from the feeling of isolation.