Hospice Criteria

When it comes to hospice care, you must meet all of the requirements for the criteria. If you don’t, then we, unfortunately, can’t provide our hospice services to you. Hospice care can make the difference between spending your last months comfortably or painfully. We base our hospice eligibility criteria on the requirements set by the U. S. Centers for Medicare. To make sure that you qualify for our hospice services, double-check that you meet all of the requirements.

Avenir Hospice Care Eligibility

To be eligible for our hospice care, the patient has a few circumstances that must be met before we can provide you with comfort. Some signs or conditions act as a good indicator that hospice care may be necessary. The core requirements are as follows:

  • The patient must be diagnosed with a life-ending illness or condition that only gives them six months or less to live
  • The patient has lost weight that cannot be attributed to exercise
  • Their cognitive and functional ability has been steadily declining
  • The patient has been hospitalized many times within the past six months
  • The patient has become progressively fatigued or weaker
  • Daily activities are becoming increasingly more challenging
  • The patient has become prone to infection
  • The breaking of skin
Hospice Criteria

Not sure if you qualify for hospice care? Consider these questions first.




Common Illnesses for Hospice Care

There are specific eligibility criteria for certain illnesses, as well. These diseases come with their own set of conditions that you must meet to be eligible for hospice care. Some of those diseases are:

  • Cancer
  • AIDS
  • Dementia
  • Liver Disease
  • CVA/Strokes
  • Cardiopulmonary Disease
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Renal Disease
  • Neurological Conditions (Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Huntington’s disease, non-Alzheimer’s dementia, and Multiple Sclerosis)

In addition to considering the hospice eligibility criteria for certain diseases, you must also take into account the requirements set by your financial healthcare provider. Whether it’s Medicare or a private insurance company, you must check with them about what symptoms you require to qualify for hospice admission.

If you are not sure if you qualify for hospice care, please do not hesitate to contact us anyway you can. We offer free consultation and can determine if you are eligible for our services. If you already know you’re eligible, then call our 24/7 phone service at (832) 766-0929 and sign up with us today. We offer same-day service and as early as four hours for urgent care. So get in touch with Avenir Hospice Care now and find out how we can alieve your symptoms.