At Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, we know how essential it is to cherish the crucial moments in life. That’s why we like to highlight our patients and staff. Without them, we would be the effective and efficient hospice care that we are today. When you’re under our care, we do everything we can to help you enjoy every minute. Whether it’s in-home hospice care or palliative care, there are memories to be made and remembered. We carry all of our patients with us no matter what.

When you join the Avenir family, you gain the ability to live your days to the fullest. With our quality comfort care and in-home assistance, there will be several moments that you’ll want to immortalize. With our gallery, you’ll be able to do just that. As a nurse-owned and operated company, we emphasize happiness and comfort above all else. To achieve this, we offer services that no other hospice care can compete with.

Avenir Hospice Care, LLC provides the best hospice and palliative care in all of Houston. With our exceptional nursing and hospice aide services, we bring a sense of integrity and joy to your final days.

Remembering the Good Times

With our nursing staff and excellent options, we make new memories that will last forever. With our gallery, you can view some of those memories with us or reminisce over some that we make together. Whether it’s the first day you join us or a holiday together, we showcase all of the happy memories that you make with us.

All of our special occasions and holiday events are cataloged within our gallery page. We celebrate our patients’ milestones so that others can see how effective and helpful the whole experience can be. You can enjoy the knowledge that your time with us had an impact on us as much as it did you.

So don’t wait and call (832) 766-0929 to discuss your hospice care. When you schedule an appointment, we send over a professional nurse to discuss your options and answer all of your questions. So contact us now and let’s make new memories together.