Five Things To Ask When Experiencing A Serious Illness

Five Things To Ask When Experiencing A Serious Illness

Five Things To Ask When Experiencing A Serious Illness

After you have been diagnosed with a serious illness, it can be quite a shock. These things aren’t easy to take in, and at the moment, you may miss some of what the doctor is telling you. However, it is normal for you to feel like this. These things are never easy, and it is okay to miss things and have questions later.

So, give yourself some time to digest the seriousness of it all. Once you do, you can talk to your doctor about your questions. You should always feel like you can call in or come back for a second visit to have your questions answered. However, when you go in, it is essential to have your questions ready to go.

It can take a while to learn about your condition and the best methods to care for it. Here are five questions that are an excellent way to begin. You may want to bring a notepad or a recorder to capture all the information the doctor is giving you. Also, feel free to ask the doctor to clarify if something isn’t easy to understand. Very few people can understand complex medical terminology.

What Are My Treatment Options and Long-Term Prognosis?

To decide on the best treatment, it is essential to ask about the options available to you. Understanding the pros and cons is the best way to make sure you make an informed decision. Also, asking about the prognosis or how your illness will progress is essential. This is because some doctors will keep from sharing this unless the patient requests.

What is The Goal of My Treatment?

Knowing the expectations of treatment is a great way to manage your illness. Some treatments lessen symptoms. Some lead to cures. It is best to understand where your treatment will lead, so you know what will happen next.

What Are the Risks and Side-Effects of Treatment?

Knowing the risks is just as essential as knowing the benefits. Since some treatments can impact your quality of life, it is necessary to measure this against your goals.

Five Things To Ask When Experiencing A Serious Illness

We can help you find the support you need.

What are Supportive Services Available to My Family and I?

After being diagnosed with a serious illness, you and your family may feel alone in what you are facing. However, there are resources available to you to help you get through this. Talking with your doctor could provide you with information about local support groups or hospice care. There could also be other helpful resources like churches, Meals on Wheels, or Area on Aging available in your area.

Can You Repeat The Information?

It is common for people to be caught up in their thoughts and emotions when it comes to a diagnosis. So, don’t ever feel like you can’t ask a doctor to repeat themselves. You need to know what is happening, and they understand that. Most doctors will have no trouble repeating the information.

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