Our hospice care goes beyond just making our patients feel comfortable. Between our in-home hospice, palliative, bereavement, spiritual, and social services, the cost becomes a considerable element in caring for our patients. When you donate, you make a statement that you care about our suffering elderly. With patients in need of support all over the Houston area, there’s never been a better time to show your aid than now.

Avenir Hospice Care provides a variety of medical equipment and supplies to our patients so that they don’t have to worry about the expenses of such materials. Your donation helps us cover the cost of every wheelchair, every bandage, and every hospital bed. End-of-life situations always take a toll on the patient’s loved ones, as well. Funeral expenses on short notice can be challenging, but with your donations, the entire process is made more accessible and more affordable.





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How Your Donation Helps

Our elderly require a lot of time and attention, even when they reach the end of their lives. Caring for them requires people, equipment, and expertise. Avenir Hospice Care provides all of these things, but sometimes it’s not enough. Your donation helps us ensure everything our patients need to have a comfortable last six months.

Any donation amount helps, and even if you can’t donate money, time is always appreciated. We’re always looking for volunteers that wish to provide company and aid to those of our patients that need it. Whether it’s assisting our patients with chores or simply sitting and talking with them, you’ll always find some way to help out.

When it comes to quality service and expertise, Avenir Hospice Care provides patients with everything that could ease their pain and manage their symptoms. You can make a general donation to our organization that helps with overall funding and maintenance. We also offer a memorial donation option that makes your donation in memory of a deceased loved one.

We also offer a donation option to honor a specified honoree, so you can show your appreciation. Your donations also provide funding for our bereavement and social services. These services help the deceased’s family and children with therapy and other expenses. Fight for a cause that you believe in, donate to Avenir Hospice Care today and help us help our patients.