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Avenir Hospice Care dedicates its efforts to providing the best service to our patients in their time of need. As a Volunteer, you join our team in delivering that service and the commitment that comes with it. Being a Volunteer means that you care about your fellow humans, enough to give them your time and attention. Volunteering brings our clients comfort and companionship at the end of their life, which can make all the difference for their demeanor going into their final days.

The most basic roles a Volunteer has is to provide love and care to our patients and their families, aid them with daily household tasks and chores, provide emotional support, and offer companionship. Volunteers can also offer personal experiences and emotions to support patients and their families. You also gain experience in a plethora of roles that carry over to other occupations.

There’s No Better Feeling Than Volunteering

Our volunteers are allowed to explore different career opportunities and accomplish training and developmental skills. Often, patients only ask that they have someone to talk to or someone to read to them. Other times, they require someone to provide emotional support or quality time. Aside from the basic household chores, you may be needed to help our patients convey their thoughts through speech, emails, letters, or blogs.

When you volunteer your time to Avenir Hospice Care, you show that caring for others is important to you. You demonstrate a sense of duty and integrity that is rare to find among a mass of people. You’ll meet a variety of unique individuals that you’ll learn so much from through life stories, experiences, and open-mindedness.

When we take on a new patient, we give them a simple psychosocial evaluation to determine what kind of aides and nurses may work best with them. Based off on that assessment, we find volunteers that would get along with them. While you won’t always click with every patient, the key element is the care you bring any patient because it’s what you volunteer to do. So call us at (832) 766-0929 to learn more about our volunteer program. You can also fill out our contact form to provide us with your information. We’re always looking for eager aides for our patients, so get in touch with us today.