When you’re looking for work that makes a difference, there’s no better career to consider than in hospice care. Our staff is highly-trained and experienced, but we can always use a little more help. More importantly, our patients are always in need of quality care and dedicated aides. With your inclusion, we can help even more patients pass in peace.

Working at Avenir Hospice Care is more than just a job. Our staff is devoted to ensuring that those in our care get the most caring and understanding aides and physicians in Houston. When you work with us, you do more than just care for our patients; you give them satisfaction. We operate with the highest standards in mind; our team focuses on doing the right thing for the right reason.

A Career in Hospice Care

We strive to make a difference in our patient’s lives. We show them the love and support they need to get through this incredibly challenging time. Our goal is to do more for our patients and their families. To achieve this, With our team of physicians, nurses, volunteers, and hospice aides, we provide the best services in Houston.

When you join our team, you commit to providing excellent service and results for our patients’ emotional state. We teach, learn, reach out, and support more than any other hospice service provider. We focus on listening to our patients and understanding precisely what they need and how to provide it to them promptly.

How to Apply

To apply for a position with Avenir Hospice Care, fill out the form below. In addition to your application, we ask that you also provide a valid Texas Driver’s License, a current copy of your car or other vehicle insurance, current CPR card, social security card, TB test results, and your professional license (if necessary).

Avenir Hospice Care dedicates its efforts to ensure that every patient we have gets the best care in the state. When you work with us, you take the responsibility of providing support and attention to our patients that are up to our standards. Call our 24/7 phone service at (832) 766-0929 for more information. If you think you would be a good fit for our team, then don’t hesitate and apply now!


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