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Do you need a Houston Texas hospice agency for your loved one? Well, when it comes to home health agencies, we tend to your senior’s needs. Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, goes out of our way to help you with your loved one’s health care requirements. It’s never easy for someone to hear that their loved one is passing. We can only imagine what it’s like being at your loved one’s side, comforting them through their terrifying situation. Unlike nursing homes, hospice care revolves around 24-hour nursing within the individual’s home.

Hospice Care

We do pain screening

Your loved one doesn’t have to leave home to get the care they need. Houston, TX, is one of the best cities for medical care. Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, is no exception. Our agency location cares for seniors who are sixty-five and up. Therefore, patients and families can take some comfort knowing our hospice staff is here for them. Our facility is owned and operated by nurses, which means we have plenty of nurses around able to help your loved one. From music therapy to physical therapy, we support the terminally ill. We do everything in our power to ensure their end is a comfortable one.

We’re also Medicare-certified. Avenir Hospice Care, LLC, understands the importance of your finances. Thus, we also accept Medicare for our convenience. As we know, the older you get, the more issues that can occur with your body. When a senior is diagnosed with a terminal disease, we do everything we can to make the rest of their life more manageable. We can administer dyspnea treatment and physical therapy to allow them to breathe and move around easier. Our nurses are professionals who are willing to help out your loved one at their home.

Your Houston Texas Hospice Agency

If your loved one has treatment preferences, our physician can collect the information. Afterward, the physician appropriately assesses what your loved one needs. Their presence provides overall leadership for the staff. Next, our hospice medical director oversees all that needs to be done and delegates it to our team. With that said, these are only a couple of people involved in the pain assessment of your loved one. Avenir Hospice Care, LLC does everything in our power to make sure your loved one is comfortable. We genuinely care about his or her needs.

Hospice Care

Dyspnea Screening

Moreover, our 24-hour service allows our nurses to be there at any time. This service also extends to phone use. Additionally, our patients also have an assistant who can provide them with emotional and physical support. Such support includes bowel regimen, baths and, and other procedures. More importantly, our assistant is there to give your loved one companionship. Companionship is crucial in their last months. Everyone needs to know they are not alone and always have a friend to be by there side. Our assistant is there to help your loved one through their realization.

By helping your loved one come to terms with their passing, we can help ease their pain. Whether the pain is physical, emotional, or spiritual, your Houston Texas hospice agency is here. Even if your loved one lives alone and has a pet, we provide support for the animal as well. Pets are a unique type of companion that can hold a special place in our hearts. Therefore, we know how crucial having a pet can be. They are there with us when we’re sick, happy, mad, or sad. In that regard, they are also necessary partners who are essential in your loved one’s inevitable fate.

What We Can Do For You

All of our services revolve around our patient and their family. Not only is the patient-important, but their family and friends are too. We understand that once you come to us, we’re taking care of your family also. That’s why we offer practices such as spiritual counseling. Spiritual counseling helps people come to terms with death. If you find comfort in God, spiritual counseling provides closure and peace. Sometimes people wonder why such an unfortunate circumstance has to happen with them. Here, we help them see that death is natural and doesn’t have to be viewed negatively.

Patients treated by our nurses feel more comfortable as they experience their last moments. Our services even extend to any medical equipment your loved one might need. Wheelchairs, oxygen tanks, and walkers are used to maximize our patients’ comfort. Our medical supplies are crucial in helping your loved one find some relief from their pain, especially chronic pain. We provide equipment such as geriatric recliners, overbed tables, nebulizers, and more. Since we offer this equipment ourselves, our patients don’t have to worry about the cost of these tools. Plus, our team can come to your loved one’s home as early as four hours.

When the time comes for your loved one to pass away, we’re also here for your family. We’re the  Houston Texas hospice agency that goes out of our way to still be here for you even after their funeral. The common effects of grief hit harder than most know. We understand this process and do everything in our power to be here with you through these tough times. Therefore, you can count on us to be by your side through thick and thin. A family needs as many people as possible during their grief.

Contact Us, and We’ll Be There

If you or a loved one needs hospice care, we’ll be there. Let us help you through your tough times and take care of your needs. Our in-home hospice care and bereavement services are designed to help you through your tough endeavor. Therefore, let Avenir Hospice Care, LLC tend to your family and loved one. Our certified nurses are more than welcome to assist you or a loved one going through a terminal affliction. Contact us at (832) 766-0929 for more information. You can find us at 140 Eldridge Road # A, Sugar Land, TX, 77478. Visit our website to see if your loved one is eligible for hospice care. Let us be the Houston Texas hospice agency to take care of you.

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