About Us

Regardless of which terminal illness you’re facing, don’t face it alone. Avenir Hospice Care is here to provide the best care and support for your last six months. Our goal is to provide our patients with comfort and companionship in their final days so they can pass in peace. When you hire Avenir Hospice Care, you get a fully capable and caring team of physicians, nurses, aides, social workers, and volunteers all dedicated to the most satisfying end you could ask for.

We primarily provide services to seniors who have officially been diagnosed as unsavable. Once you or one of your loved ones faces this reality, finding the best hospice is the next step. Avenir Hospice Care focuses on preparing your family and friends for the inevitable result of your illness. In those final days, the most significant thing is providing you with comfort, love, and support until your time comes.

End-of-Life Services

Our end-of-life services include options such as bereavement services for your family, medical equipment and supplies, 24-hour service and availability, therapy, and much more. We provide all medication and tools necessary to maintain your comfort and ease as you focus on simply enjoying your last days. We also offer chaplain services and music therapy for our patients for more religious individuals. Whatever makes you comfortable, Avenir Hospice Care has got you covered.

Our services don’t just stop at end-of-life services. We offer palliative services to ensure that patients with a chance get the best options available to them. With palliative care, we utilize aggressive therapies to help you heal and recover from possibly fatal diseases. If you suffer from a painful condition that may not kill you, then we can provide support to ease your pain.

Our mission is always to maximize our patients’ comfort while minimizing their pain and symptoms. When you let us care for you, you make the best decision for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. For a free consultation with one of our expert nurses, call (832) 766-0929. Our phone service is available 24/7, and we provide same-day services. If you require urgent care, then our team can be there in as early as four hours. So contact us today, and let’s make your final months the best of your life. We are among the best hospice care agencies in Houston and Sugarland as we provide the best care to our patients.